About Gina
I was a swimmer from a young age through to 17 years at which point I went off to University to

study and then on to work as a high school teacher. I didn’t get back into any sport for 8 years until

at the age of 25 I decided to get myself fit and started training and competing in running and small

triathlon events. I fell in love with the sport straight away and within 2 years I completed my first

Ironman finishing 5th place in March 2007. Since then I would say I have become addicted to the

sport and on my 3rd Ironman attempt in September 2007 I took my first victory (Ironman Wisconsin)

in a new course record. I have now completed 8 seasons of racing (taking 2011 off to have my son)

and currently I have 37 Iron distance finishes including 13 wins, 12 second or 3rd places, 4 times top

10 Hawaii Ironman World Championships, making me one of the most prolific and still consistent

iron distance performers in the sport. I now wish to combine my love of the sport and my love of

teaching and pass on what I have learnt in this sport to help others’ achieve their goals. Here is some

further information about me.

I self-coached myself to 6 iron distance victories and 5 half iron distance victories. 13 top 3

performances and 2 top 10 at Ironman World Championships.

 I have also had the opportunity to work with and pick the minds of some of the best

coaches in the business and have learnt a huge amount to pass on.

 I have during my time in the sport done a huge amount of reading on different coaching

techniques as well as other areas such as nutrition, strength and conditioning.

I have a degree in Psychology which has helped me in my sporting endeavours and also a

degree in Teaching, and was a teacher before embarking on a decade of professional sport.

 I am an Ironman Certified Coach and a certified Personal Trainer, but much of what I have to give come

 from my huge experience in the sport. You

just can't learn this through a qualification.

 I am a very hard working person who cares a lot about helping others.

 My main reason for wanting to coach is I feel I have devoted enough time in the pursuit of

my own goals and I really want to give back to a sport that I love and care so much about. I

feel I have a lot to give and am very enthusiastic about being included in the journey in

helping others' in achieving their goals.