GC Iron Team Athletes

  1. Julia Shaw
    Julia was my very first Ironman athlete. She lives on the Gold Coast in Australia. Her last Ironman she completed was in 2010 and she is very motivated to improve on what she did there. She is working towards Ironman Port Macquarie in May, and as well as tackling Ironman she is also a very busy person with studying towards Nursing and Law. I am absolutely loving coaching Julia. She is a great communicator, and is never too scared to ask me questions and is therefore learning a wealth of information. She is highly enthusiastic and motivated and each week is pushing herself a little bit more outside of her comfort zone. I am very pleased with her progress so far!
  2. Barb Carson
    Barb is truly an inspirational athlete. In 2015 Barb self-coached herself to qualify for Kona at Ironman Port Macquarie, and went on to compete in Kona. She won her Age Group at IM Port Macquarie and she was 2nd in her Age Group at Ironman New Zealand. She also is the 2015 winner of the 60-65 Age Group of the AWA (All World Athlete) Ironman division. She has done all this while working full time as a nurse (a very demanding physical job). Barb I think can make even further progress with a greater focus on strength and speed in her programme and less junk miles. I will let her describe that in her own words. “Being coached by one of the top Ironman/lady in the world is so motivating! You are teaching with an abundance of first-hand knowledge. You also have this knack of knowing where I needed guidance and the right amount of training instead of me just putting in junk miles and not seeing a lot of improvement!!” I am delighted to be coaching Barb and very excited to see what she can achieve in 2016. Her first race for 2016 will be at Ironman New Zealand and she also will be racing at Ironman Cairns. Her goal is to qualify for Hawaii and improve upon her 2015 experience.
  3. Tanya Winter
    Tanya lives in the beautiful West Coast of the South Island in New Zealand. She has competed in a great range of events, the Ironman distance last in 2003 and 2004 and more recently the half iron distance events, but is also heavily involved in cycling events. Tanya is looking for more structure in her programme and to really see if she can reach a new level with her training and racing. I think she really can with some specific work added into her programme! She will be focusing on the half distance events and potentially will race over the Iron distance. I’m really excited to see what Tanya can achieve in 2016!